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Banned! Again From the Grok…Yawn.

I can’t believe it took this long. I have been commenting on the other Grok for about 3 years now and essentially it plays out the same each time. You comment other view points and get attacked by other commenters with the collective maturity of a 12 year old. (Kim Morin is the worst) Their Moderator and owner of the site Skip finally gets annoyed with you and either outs your personal email or full name and then bans you. I guess it’s the only power he really has in his life so he really enjoys.  Well I’ve had this account for close to a year, which a darn record for Skip. I don’t know why he held on so long. I think the threat of losing his precious disqus account was too much for him.

But there is more! This isn’t any other ban I was honored with a mention.

Be careful what I wish for? Oh please Skip another ban is nothing I am afraid up. With VPNs these days its not hard to get on that site and speak some logic to your ilk. 

Side note: I do love how he claims because Jane knows me its okay to use my name. Jane and I have never met, and I cannot stand her. She did it to be a jerk because she is a bully.

Well onto my next alt.