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Classic Right Hand Lies about Obama Care

So it’s no story that ever since Mr. Trump has taken office Obama care has been in it’s cross hairs. Seen as the root of all evil to some folks and FSP basement dwellers at¬†as you can read in the linked story seem to perpetuate lies about a 24k a year plan with a 10k deductible and call anyone who asks for evidence of such monster dumb.

Listen, I am no moron, I’ll be the first to admit that the ACA is not perfect and has a long way to go, but the crap and misunderstanding that some people just push out there is really sad. David Murphy is the resident blogger at the Grok. The guy has no concept of how the ACA works and things that we all should simply be responsible for our own healthcare. That is right, in his magical world everything will just work each other out one little contract after another. Lets ignore the fact that the services you need for healthcare are quiet literally life dependent, and that you tend to not be in your best bargaining power when you are in the the back seat of an ambulance. Right, we shouldn’t have any system in place to protect those folks right?

But the close to 4 total readers and posters continue to pound away on those old keyboards from their moms basement acting like the big bad Government Inc is out out to get everyone.

The ACA can be fixed, and the first step I think that should be taken is to start with a national healthcare market place. This allows insurance companies to spread out their risk among the single payer market. A market very underrepresented by young people who really didn’t sign up in the numbers that were required to make the law work.