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David Murphy’s going “under cover” to DCYF

I’ve been sitting on this post for a bit mulling over whether or not to write it. My Concern is that this really is a private matter of the Murphy household of Laconia and Gilford and should be kept private. However as you can from the post below David “Skip” Murphy will not let another persons case of misfortune go without capitalization. 

Skip lied to a DCYF worker claiming to be from the Press. In reality he is, he does own the other Grok. What he doesn’t tell the DCYF worker is that he is the sons father. Also the Son is not the legal guardian here and really has no standing. Why would you lie about that David? Just be up front and transparent….you know how you always say the Government should do?

There was nothing investigative about this article or video, this was nothing more than David playing with his new Cameras that all the Groksters paid for. Money well spent I am sure. He asks exactly one question the whole time. How is that investigatory at all? 

The long and short of it is that DCYF is involved yet again with the Murphy household. This is Davids words not mine. The fact that you have DCYF in your life so much should be a giant red flag in your life  but of course David has never taught his family and he himself was never taught to take responsibility for his own actions.

Let’s start with the headline. “Bullying” is not showing in the video at all. One DCYF and a police officer (this is standard procedure) are shown being polite and respectful and to his credit David’s son is very respectful as well. 

The backround on this is simple. David’s Son’s soon to be adopted kids have some issues. It happens. They put a lock on one of the kids room door and an aid had to report it. Mandatory reporting is around for a reason. Newflash: Locking your child in her own room is not okay especially at night where she cannot use the bathroom. So DCYF did their job and investigated it.

The video is almost unwatchable as Skip has yet to learn how to adjust the white balance on his camera. Dude just use your Iphone! But if you power through it you’ll notice his “eldest” invites the worker up very politely. She even offers to take her shoes off.  No demands for entry at all.

When they reach the kitchen area there is a very quick discussion on RSA:169 and then the DCYF worker finally turns to Skip and asks him what the camera is all about. Skip never missing an opportunity to brag about his stats says “we are the 3rd or 4th” most trafficked site in NH. Good for you skip. You really remind me of kid in high school who bragged about his conquests. Hint: He never did. 

The DCYF worker is visibly creeped out by Skip and says she can continue her investigation different ways. She then leaves. Skip finally asks a question “you don’t with to be in this house anymore”? Would you? Skip you are creeping everyone out man, get a hobby.

Here is the thing of it: Skip claims this is some big Government bully thing and if you watch the video its anything but. Everyone is calm and police. DCYF is doing its job, and it’s not okay to lock a child in her room. 

The entire thing is supposed to be set up as some “gotchya” moment and it really was executed so poorly. David, do better.