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Economics 101 for the Right Wingers on the Other GROK

It really pains me when I see Skip(aka David Murphy of Gilford NH) on the other Grok write about simple economic issues so poorly. It scares me because his platform wants to defund public schools. I think Skip needs to go back and start from Kindergarten up like Billy Madison. 

So Skip posted an article the other day “Mexico Will be Paying for the Wall Heh” He was all excited about Trumps proposed tariffs on literally every consumer good from Mexico as some sort of punishment for the “Humanitarian” Crisis at the southern border. 

I commented trying to explain to him that this will do nothing but raise prices for the consumer as all the other tariffs have.  The exchange is below: 

I had point out the hypocrisy (again) of their positions and how they actually apply them to real life scenarios. As you can see because David doesn’t eat Avacados he does not care. Then as usual because everything is about the big scary socialism he has to label me something I am not. 

I don’t understand what this “personal response means”? All of a sudden we’ll just stop buying Avacados from Mexico? Which hurts who? Mexico. Hey Skip remember these migrants are from Central America not Mexico. Also don’t other things come from Mexico? Cars for example? 

Finally, because you have to distill everything down to a black and white issue for the TEA party morons (read: Dumb Down). I asked him point blank how this fits into his “Free Market Agenda” 

The Other Grok: Free Market until it effects Brown People, Small Government unless it involves your Bedroom or Uterus. Hypocrisy at its finest. 

I’ll update you on Skips response but I won’t hold my  breath. Usually when I get him into a corner like this he skips, pun intended.