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Go Vote! Other observations

It’s primary day in N.H. here is your day to chose the lead surfer from N.H. on the Blue Wave. We’ve got a large influx of women minorities and veterans running and I think that’s great. For the first time in history minority women are not the minority for candidates running for the Mid Terms.

In other news Skip and Co. at the “Other Grok” are hilariously telling you to leave the Governors spot blank, and Steve is telling you to vote when he doesn’t vote at all.

Yup the pundits at the OG can’t even think of a write in candidate for you to vote for and bost about their short endorsement list. Hey David maybe your list is so short because your political views are archaic and so damn restrictive no one else agrees with them?

The write in spot is the place to voice displeasure with the establishment, vote for anyone you think is better. That’s the whole point of the day.

Steve a frequent writer in the Grok isn’t even registered to vote, according to a commenter there. So he’s got zero credibility in my mind.

Get ready to ready the blue wave!