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Granite Grok – Truth Sayers Need Not Comment.

Skip Murphy over at loves to pretend that issues are black and white especially when it comes to Women’s rights and Immigration. Now when a commenter comes along to point out that maybe, god forbid they might be mistaken, do you think they welcome such comments with open arms? Yeah… You guessed it. The ego on these guys is fascinating.

Take this article published by Skip yesterday discussing a DACA recipient voting. A person from project veritas went into a polling place under cover (typical move from these types) and started asking if her “boyfriend” could vote. The poll workers all said yes. Now of course Skip and Ed see things as citizen or non citizen and never consider that there are actually many different statuses between those two.

So I took about 2 minutes to research why a non US citizen might be able to vote under Texas law. It certainly wasn’t hard to find an answer. Under the Texas Constitution a person who has declared their intent to become a U.S. Citizen is eligible to vote. It’s that simple. A DACA recipient certainly qualifies as a person declaring their intent to become a U.S. Citizen. That’s the entire point of the program.

So I attempted to comment on this, to point out why Skip might be mistaken. Now Skip in his increasing paranoia has made it so everybody who posts except for a select few have to be vetted by him. Each post must be individually approved by him. So much for speech Free Speech huh? Take a look.

So after almost 24 hours that post is pending. I am willing to bet that skip will not approve that post unless he stumbles upon this article in which case he absolutely would do it to prove me wrong.

See those at the Granitegrok are supposedly fighters of Free Speech and individual liberty. As I continually point out on this blog, this is just another example of how Free Speech is a one way road with these types.