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It’s Up To White Oil Barron Now

Two pairs of identical bills await the Governor’s veto or signature. Two bills designed to bring our voting laws back into feudal times requiring residency as a requirement to vote. No other state in the union at ties residency to voter eligibility the way thess bills would.

To become a resident one must transfer his or her license within 60 days of moving to the granite state. As many know there is a fee to do thos, so this amounts to a poll tax. This case is been litigated all the way up to the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and the Supreme Court has made it quite clear that only an amendment to our constitution would fix the issue. So this is a complete waste of taxpayer money.

Hopefully our white oil baron of a Governor will not bend to pressure on these bills  hopefully our white oil baron of a governor will not bend to pressure on these bills  like he did with the paternity leave act.