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Key Senate Vote on Voter Supression Law Scheduled

The State Senate is set to take up the latest iteration of a proposed law designed to suppress college votes and create a poll tax on those most vulnerable.

Supporters of the amended House bill say it will help ensure that only New Hampshire residents vote in Granite State elections.

But others, including Gov. Chris Sununu, are concerned about what the bill would actually accomplish if it becomes law. Sununu stands by his previously stated warning about “unintended consequences” of the bill, while its original sponsor, Rep. David Bates, R-Windham, says GOP senators have taken the measure in a direction he never intended.

Requiring people to get an ID amounts to a poll tax I can’t see it any other way. Its either $50 for a driver id or $10 for a non driver ID. There is no free option like many other states have.

We all know the other side of this law too, the bill is meant to suppress college votes who overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

It’s time to contact your senator and demand that they stand up for Voter rights.