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Mr. Trump Doubles Down on Roy Moore

Update: Monday December 4th, 2017: When you Lost the mortgage on Sunday, you go all in Monday. Mr Trump has thrown the full support of the White House  behind an accused child molestor citing the fact that not one Democrat voted for the biggest corporate bailout since Reagan. Instead of being happy for one day and celebrating one the few victories he’s had, he had to lash out after that Big Mac wore off. Must have something to do with Flynn issue last week. We will be covering this story all the way up to and after the election on December 12th.

Mr. Trump has doubled down on twitter today dancing around the subject and essentially endorsing accused child molester Roy Moore while calling Jones  weak on crime.

That’s right, your President has embarked on endorsing a man that has had political issues since the 80’s which featured Bar Complaints from fellow attorneys. Mr. Moore has declared that homosexuality has should be illegal, and that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in congress. He’s been accused of molestation, banned from malls for being a creep, and can’t understand the 1st Amendment doesn’t allowed the mix of Church and State.

Mr. Trump is simply creating alternative facts on Doug Jones, who has a unique background in law enforcement, with a number of high-profile convictions in everything from murder trials to white collar crime.

Mr. Trump continues his scorched earth approach to being president and whether or not something is actually true holds no bearing on whether it comes out of the White House. I hope Doug wins the seat and we are one step closer to tipping the balance in the Senate. However, they can’t seem to get much done anyways, so I am not that worried.

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  1. Bill Bill Post author | December 4, 2017

    The odds for Johnson to win are 2-1, there is the mortal lock for you.

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