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New Hampshire DOT plans to increase tolls.

Courtesy Getty Images

The NHDOT is proposing a toll hike for the first time in 10 years. “If we want to advance any projects, if we want any economic development, if we want to make our roads safer, we need more revenues,” said Councilor Andru Volinski, D-Concord.

In other words more money for more lanes right? Meanwhile, god forbid we fund commuter rail from Nashua to Boston right? How about every quarter of that increase goes to a trust to help that get up and running? That would be a great pipe dream huh? Well not legally at least. We’re one of the few States to not sign the Paris accord, and we will continue to pollute the air, add “safety improvements” aka more lanes, even though study after study shows that more lanes just leads to more congestion? That old way of thinking needs to go. I say no toll increases without commuter rail.