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The Diet of a Mad Tweeter

MSNBC is reporting on the Presidents caloric intake during the campaign. According to the article the president would ask for two Big Macs a Filet O Fish and a Chocolate Milk Shake, the caloric content exceeded 2400 calories. No wonder the man tweets all this nonsense. Everyone knows if you eat like crap you feel like crap and after those 300 or so carbs wear off you are left feeling more moody than a toddler who missed his nap. At least we can rest knowing Trump isn’t actually Crazy.


  1. MAGA MAGA December 4, 2017

    Of course the diet make ties into your mood but hi about the stresses of the presidency? MAGA!

  2. Bill Bill Post author | December 4, 2017

    Someone gets Hangry a lot.

  3. Dave Dave December 4, 2017

    Love me some big macs

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