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The Hypocrisy of the Other Grok

Its no mystery that on the “Other Grok” they have taken on a campaign of pointing out that Maura Sullivan a candidate for CD-1 in NH is a carpet bagger. Indeed she did only move to NH a few moths before she decided to run. I don’t disagree that she is an outsider.  As such I  have decided to go with Chris Pappas instead especially because he supports Commuter Rail.

Here is the hypocrisy. David Murphy the owner of the “Other Grok” let a guest poster write about how much better Candidate Dan Hynes is than Terry Wolf. The author lists a bunch of reasons why Terry is a bad choice but none for why Dan is a good choice. It seem the fact that Dan is not Terry is all the reason we need? Typical A+ Journalism from the OG.

Here is the rub though. Dan Hynes moved into Bedford in July, right before he ran for Senate. He’s a carpet bagger too. Plain and simple. There is no record of him living in the county other than selling a piece of land in Nashua earlier this year. He’s an outsider to Bedford.


Granite Grok…where they fight for free speech until you say something they disagree with. Now, we like carpet baggers if they are on our side.

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  1. Charles U. Farley Charles U. Farley September 10, 2018

    Actually, You folks are the, “Other Grok.” Granite Grok has been around for many many years.

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