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The Misogyny of the “Other Grok”

Granitegrok presents itself a is a libertarian, right wing small Government type of blog. They do a pretty good job of doing that, but they mostly just slam those darn Libruls. 

A closer look really reveals their Misogyny. I’ve often found that those who push “family values” or “small government” “school choice” etc are also very regressive on womens rights. 

Take David Murphy of Gilford NH, he serves on the budget commission and is the owner of Granite Grok. In a recent post on the comment section of this article David Murphy goes on his usual anti abortion stance against a frequent opposing poster. Now David tends to go off the rails and label any one who posts against him a troll, then deletes all the content so read it while its still there. Now to be anti abortion is anyone’s right, but to go as far as to say women choose to be in this position is just such an antiquated view its almost funny. When the poster pushed him to answer the question whether abortion is okay in cases of rape he refused to answer. That is usually what happens with these FSP TEA party types, they tent to cower when pushed to answer nuances of their “black and white” postions. Here we go.