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Vermin Supreme Just Being Supreme

Vermin supreme held a  protest in Concord this week outside a Hillary Clinton book signing. Vermin had to sue for his right to have the protest and ultimately settled with the city.

As much as I universally disagree with this guy I have to admire the guys spunk. I’ll respect anyone’s right to free speech and the fact that he went through the proper channels and was denied only legitimizes the theory that there are some in government hell bent on suppressing ideas. Like, for example, a new voting law aimed to suppress young Democrats who attend our Universities.

A proposed law would effectively add a poll tax requiring students to obtain a New Hampshire ID by changing the definitions of domicile. As of now a student only has to show a student ID or other some proof that they attend a New Hampshire school. This is a situation that has been litigated many times and the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled that the definition of domicile in our state constitution allows students to vote that attend our universities.  We all know that a person can vote without an ID in New Hampshire and they are required to provide proof of domicile within a prescribed period of time. The fact that the secretary of state has not followed up on that rule in the past is not a reason to further this bill.

Those over at are vehemently against outsiders voting in “their” elections. They would have us back in the feudal days which required a person to own land before they voted. There are many who live in the rural areas that do not want “outside” influence. In other words they don’t want Democrats voting for democratic ideas, and they certainly don’t want it from young students.

Furthermore, they discount the fact that while the students don’t technically have a piece of plastic with a New Hampshire logo on it they live in the area for at least nine months a year for four or more years. They contribute to the economy and I certainly believe that entitles them to vote on topics that would affect their time here.

There are many in our government that wish to suppress ideas, and I will give a hat tip to Vermin as crazy as he might be for pressing against the suppression.




  1. MAGA MAGA December 8, 2017

    I bought property in 1980 and I enjoy my little town the way it is. Students need to become citizens befor they vote.

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