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When the Other Grok Starts Begging for Handouts Aren’t They Just Who They Hate?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have been busy with life’s various activities and to be honest I really don’t write unless something is interesting. After a breakI started going back to the the other grok. You know the one who spews eight or so terrible posts a day? Yeah that one. 

I’ve noticed a theme over the last month or so. Skip is obsessed with his Alexq rankings. Inf act Steve McDonald runs a monthly update “boasting” about their ratings complete with screen shots. What your average reader may no know is there is some key information missing from their posts. Is the rank just for New Hampshire? Is the rank against all other similar sites?

Either way I have never seen a site so obsessed with their rankings. They remind me of the guy in High School who had to brag about his conquests that weekend. Well we all know he was full of it. 

Skip has claimed they are citizen journalists, but the only reason to worry about rankings is Ad Space. The higher the ranking the higher the ad space. 

Their rankings can’t be all that high because the other day skip was asking for donations to keep the site running. A site with their alleged status on the illustrious Alexa should be self sufficient by now. Theirs? Nope. So they beg for money like the “leftists” they hate. 

It doesn’t matter who the hand out is begged from. Whether the Government or Private Citizens asking something for nothing..and lets be serious their site is not providing anything of value is no better than the “welfare” system they do nothing but crap on. 

Just more Hypocrisy from Skip over at Granite Grok for you.

I’ll be back soon.